Provides the remainder of one number divided by another.

dividend % divisor


  • dividend
    The numeric expression to divide. The dividend can be any valid expression in Microsoft SQL Server Compact of the integer data type category.

  • divisor
    The numeric expression to divide the dividend by. The divisorcan be any valid SQL Server expression of any of the data types of the integer data type category.

Result Types


Code Example

The following example uses modulo to identify employees with even-numbered EmployeeID values.

SELECT EmployeeID, LastName, EmployeeID % 2 FROM Employees WHERE EmployeeID % 2 = '0'

This is the result set:

EmployeeID   LastName   #2
----------   --------   ---
2            Funk     0
4            Pearson    0
6            Sutton     0
8            Calafato   0