Accessing and Modifying Databases (SQL Server Compact)

When you work any database, you constantly access and manipulate data in the tables for querying purposes. You also modify that data to suit your needs. Before you make changes to a Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0 database, you should understand the complex concepts that facilitate data modifications.

In This Section



Multiuser Access

Describes how locking allows multiple users to access the same data concurrently in a SQL Server Compact 4.0 database.


Describes how multiple users can access data simultaneously without any conflicts.

Transactions (SQL Server Compact)

Describes how transactions are supported, and how they can be accessed programmatically.

Isolation Levels

Describes how the isolation levels work with locking to ensure that users can access data concurrently.

Locking (SQL Server Compact)

Describes the different locking mechanisms that allow multiple users to access data concurrently.

OLE DB Cursors (SQL Server Compact)

Describes the cursor support available in SQL Server Compact 4.0.