Common Errors

This table lists common errors that you might encounter when you use Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0, and their suggested solutions.

Native error

Error number




Ensure that the virtual directory is specified correctly. For example, the URL might be misspelled.



The snapshot format must be set to character mode for the publication.



Ensure that no duplicate key violations have occurred.



Ensure that you are not trying to modify columns referenced in a parameterized filter for an article with partition_options. The filtered columns in this type of article are marked as read-only.



Ensure that you are not trying to modify a download-only article. The download-only article type is marked as read-only.


This error can occur in two instances: CREATE / ALTER TABLE or INSERT/UPDATE. SQL Server Compact does not allow a row length of fixed column to exceed 8060 bytes. However, SQL Server Compact allows a row to exceed a theoretical limit of 8060 bytes using variable length columns (NTEXT/IMAGE) are not included). For instance, a table could be created with 100 NVARCHAR columns with a length of 200 bytes without an error. However, if you use INSERT or UPDATE to modify a row in a column that had a variable length CHAR datatype (NVarChar) that caused the entire row length to exceed 8060 bytes, then this error would occur.