Finding Answers by Using Web-based Resources

To find additional troubleshooting assistance for Microsoft SQL Server Compact, see the following Web-based resources:

  • SQL Server Support Center

    Microsoft Product Support Services support for SQL Server Compact and SQL Server is available at Microsoft Product Support Services.

  • Knowledge Base Articles

    A database of SQL Server Compact-specific articles written by support professionals is maintained by product support at Microsoft Knowledge Base.

    To find SQL Server Compact-specific articles, in Search the Knowledge Base, select SQL Server Compact 4.0.

  • MSDN Online

    For developers who are using Microsoft products, the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) provides online resources at Microsoft Developer Network.

  • White Papers

    White papers about SQL Server Compact 4.0-related issues are available from product support at Microsoft White Papers.

  • Microsoft Technet

    For IT professionals who are using Microsoft products, Microsoft Technet provides online resources at Microsoft Technet.