Creating a Report (Report Builder)

To create a report in Report Builder, you must first select a source of data from any report server or SharePoint library that is available to you. A data source contains the information necessary to access the underlying database, information about how the database is structured, and descriptions of the data contained within it.

After you have selected your data source, you can view the contents of the data source and begin to select the data that you want to display in your report.

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Topic Description

Choosing a Data Source (Report Builder)

Discusses data sources and how to select them.

Working with Entities and Folders (Report Builder)

Discusses entities and folders, and how to work with them.

Exploring the Primary Entity and Its Related Data (Report Builder)

Discusses how to view the primary entity's fields and its related entities.

Working with Fields (Report Builder)

Discusses how to select and group fields.

Understanding Report Layout and Rendering (Report Builder)

Discusses the differences between report design and viewing a report.

Understanding the Design Area (Report Builder)

Discusses data regions and text boxes on the design area.

Understanding the Report Server (Report Builder)

Discusses the report server and how Report Builder interacts with the report server.

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