Choosing a Data Source (Report Builder)

A data source is a metadata description of the data contained in the underlying database plus the connection information used to access the database. Data sources can be found on a report server or in a SharePoint library on a report server running in SharePoint integrated mode. To design and run a report, you need to select a data source when you create a new report. A report can be linked to only one data source; however, the same data source can be used to create multiple reports.


To access and store data sources on a SharePoint site, your report server must be configured for SharePoint integration. If you are unsure about your report server configuration, contact your database administrator.

A data source contains multiple entities, such as Products, Employees, or Customers, and folders. Entities can contain numerous fields and are typically related to other entities. For example, a Customer entity might have fields such as Name, Address, Contact Name, and Phone Number, and have a relationship to another entity called Sales Orders that contains information about the sales orders placed by each customer. Folders contain additional entities. For more information about working with entities, see Working with Entities and Folders (Report Builder).

A data source is created by the person in your company who set up Report Builder, typically a database administrator, developer, or analyst. This person assigns permissions to the data source that exists on a report server or within a library, which allows you and others within your organization to use it. Report Builder supports data sources that connect to SQL Server 2000 or 2005 databases, Oracle databases running version or later, or a SQL Server Analysis Services cube.

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