Controlling Page Breaks, Headings, and Columns (Report Builder)

A page break divides a report into separate pages for viewing and printing. Page breaks determine how the content is fitted to a report page for optimal viewing in Report Builder run mode or when rendered on the report server.

Adding page breaks also improves the performance of large reports when they are run and viewed in Report Builder or on the report server. A rendered page is displayed while the rest of the pages are rendered in the background. This allows you to begin viewing the initial pages of the report while waiting for additional pages to become available.

Page breaks can only be added before, after, and between groups. Page breaks between groups are not added to the report by default. To add them, select the Page breaks between groups check box in the Sort and Group dialog box. Then select which additional page break options you want to use.

Displaying Report Headings

By default, report headings on each page are always displayed regardless of how far you scroll down in the report. If you prefer, you can prevent this behavior by clearing the Fixed Headers check box in the Report Properties dialog box.

Freezing Columns

In tabular reports, you can freeze columns so that when you scroll across a report, the frozen columns always remain visible. You can control column freezing by using the column markers along the top of the report headings. You can freeze any continuous set of columns that includes either the left or right most column. You cannot freeze all columns of the report. To freeze a set of columns from the left most column, simply drag the column marker to the right. To freeze a set of columns from the right most column, drag the first column marker to the left side of the set of columns that you want to freeze. Then, drag the second column marker to the far right.

Collapsing Columns and Rows

In matrix reports, columns and rows are collapsed by default so that only group totals are displayed. You can expand column and row groups by clicking the plus sign (+) beside the group headings. If you prefer, you can prevent this behavior by clearing the Drilldown check box in the Report Properties dialog box.

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