How to: Uninstall the Reporting Services Add-in

New: 12 December 2006

You can uninstall the Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint Technologies by running Setup in uninstall mode. Uninstalling the add-in will remove server integration features that are used to process reports and models on a report server.

To uninstall the Reporting Services Add-in, you must have a Windows SharePoint Services or Office SharePoint Server 2007 installation still running. If you uninstall the SharePoint product or technology first, you must reinstall it to uninstall the Reporting Services Add-in.

The steps for uninstalling the add-in are the same for both stand-alone servers and server farms. Setup will remove program files and any configuration settings that were added during installation.

Setup will not remove the following:

  • Logins created for the Report Server Web service account and Windows service account that were used to access the SharePoint configuration and content databases. You must delete these logins from the SQL Server Database Engine instance used to host the SharePoint databases.
  • Permissions or groups that you created for report users. If you created custom permission levels or SharePoint groups to grant access to report server features, you should revoke any permissions that are no longer required.
  • Data files that you uploaded to a SharePoint library, including report definition (.rdl), report model (.smdl), and shared data source (.rsds) files. They are not deleted, but they will no longer run. You must delete the files manually.

Setup will not delete the report server database or modify the report server instance that was used for integrated operations. After you uninstall the add-in, consider switching the report server to run in native mode if you want to use the instance as a stand-alone reporting application.

To uninstall the Reporting Services Add-in

  1. Remove any reports and other report server items that you no longer use. They will not run after the Reporting Services Add-in is removed.

  2. In Control Panel, in Add and Remove Programs, select Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies.

  3. Click Remove.

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