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SQL Server

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Invalid column name '%.*ls'.


The specified column was not found in any table specified in the FROM clause of the query.

User Action

  • Change the column name to a column name present in one of the tables referenced in the query.
  • Verify the collation of the database. When a database uses a case-sensitive collation, the column names specified in the Transact-SQL statement must match the case of the columns in the database.
    For example, when a column is specified as LastName and the database uses a case sensitive collation, queries that refer to the column as Lastname or lastname will cause error 207 to return because the column name does not match.
    You can verify the database collation by running the following statement.
    SELECT collation_name FROM sys.databases WHERE name = 'database_name';
    The abbreviation CS in the collation name indicates the collation is case sensitive. For example, Latin1_General_CS_AS is a case sensitive and accent sensitive collation. CI indicates the collation is case-insensitive.

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