DataSource Data Type (ASSL)

Defines an abstract primitive data type that represents a data source in a Database element.



Data Type Characteristics

Characteristic Description

Base data types


Derived data types

RelationalDataSource, OlapDataSource, PushedDataSource

Data Type Relationships

Relationship Element

Parent elements


Child elements

Annotations, ConnectionString, ConnectionStringSecurity, CreatedTimestamp, DataSourcePermission, Description, ID, ImpersonationInfo, Isolation, LastSchemaUpdate, ManagedProvider, MaxActiveConnections, Name, Timeout

Derived elements



When defining out-of-line bindings, the Name element is optional. Not having to specify a Name element allows data sources to be defined within the binding for cubes, partitions, and so on. For data sources contained by a Database element, Name is a required element.

For more information about data sources, see Data Sources (Analysis Services).

The corresponding element in the Analysis Management Objects (AMO) object model is DataSource.

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