Description Element (ASSL)

Contains the description of the parent element.


<Action> <!-- or one of the elements listed below in the Element Relationships table -->

Element Characteristics

Characteristic Description

Data type and length


Default value



0-1: Optional element that occurs once and only once.

Element Relationships

Relationship Element

Parent elements

Action, Aggregation, AggregationDesign, Assembly, AttributePermission, CalculationProperty, CellPermission, Cube, CubeDimensionPermission, Database, DataSource, DataSourceView, Dimension, DimensionAttribute, Hierarchy, Kpi, Level, MdxScript, Measure, MeasureGroup, MiningModel, MiningModelColumn, MiningStructure, MiningStructureColumn, Partition, Permission, Perspective, Role, Server, Trace, Translation

Child elements



The value of a Description element has the following restrictions:

  • The value cannot contain leading or trailing spaces. If leading or trailing spaces are included in the value of a Description element, those spaces will be implicitly removed by Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • The value cannot contain control characters. If control characters are included in the value of a Description element, those characters will be implicitly removed by Analysis Services.

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