The following restrictions apply when using SQLPutData to send more than 65,535 bytes of data (for SQL Server version 4.21a) or 400 KB of data (for SQL Server version 6.0 and later) for a SQL_LONGVARCHAR (text), SQL_WLONGVARCHAR (ntext) or SQL_LONGVARBINARY (image) column:

  • The referenced parameter can be the insert_value in an INSERT statement.
  • The referenced parameter can be an expression in the SET clause of an UPDATE statement.

Canceling a sequence of SQLPutData calls that provide data in blocks to a server running SQL Server causes a partial update of the column's value when using version 6.5 or earlier. The text, ntext, or image column referenced when SQLCancel was called are set to an intermediate "place holder" value.


The SQL Native Client ODBC driver does not support connecting to SQL Server version 6.5 and earlier.

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