Replaces the source data query with a query to an external provider. The INSERT, SELECT FROM PREDICTION JOIN, and SELECT FROM NATURAL PREDICTION JOIN statements support OPENROWSET.




  • provider_name
    An OLE DB provider name.
  • provider_string
    The OLE DB connection string for the specified provider.
  • query_syntax
    A query syntax that returns a rowset.


The data mining provider will establish a connection to the data source object by using provider_name and provider_string, and will execute the query specified in query_syntax to retrieve the rowset from the source data.


Use of ad hoc distributed queries is disabled as part of the default security configuration. A system administrator can enable the use of ad hoc distributed queries by using sp_configure. For more information, see Surface Area Configuration.


The following example can be used within a PREDICTION JOIN statement to retrieve data from the AdventureWorks database by using a Transact-SQL SELECT statement.

('SQLNCLI','Server=AdventureWorksDW;Trusted_Connection=yes;','SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM vTargetMail'

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