Integration Services Developer InfoCenter

In Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS), a developer designs and implements solutions based on the technology direction defined by the SSIS architect, the operational assistance of the SSIS administrator, and the end-user feedback of the SSIS knowledge worker. To these three sets of user groups, the title of SSIS developer may not be familiar. These user groups may refer to their SSIS developer using job titles such as Application Developer, Report Developer, ETL Developer, Data Warehouse Programmer, Database Programmer, or Data Modeler.

To help the SSIS developer be as effective as possible, the following lists provide links to a number of object models and APIs for use in client-based and server-based applications.

SQL Server Integration Services

Programming Integration Services

Extending Packages with Scripting

Extending Packages with Custom Objects

Working with Packages Programmatically

Running Packages from Other Applications

SQL Server Language Reference

Programming Samples

Integration Services Object Model