Extracting Data

After a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) package contains a Data Flow task, you can start to create the package data flow. Integration Services includes three types of data flow components: sources, transformations, and destinations.

The following diagram shows a simple data flow with a source, two transformations, and a destination.

Data flow

You use the sources to extract data from files and databases. A data flow can include a single source or multiple sources. The outputs of sources can connect to transformations or destinations. For more information, see Integration Services Sources.

You can also write custom sources. For more information, see Developing a Custom Data Flow Component and Developing Specific Types of Data Flow Components.

After you add the source to the data flow designer and configure the source, you connect the output of the source to the input of another component in the data flow. For more information, see Connecting Components.

To add a source to a data flow

To set the properties of a source

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