Creating an Integration Services Project

In SQL Server Management Studio and Business Intelligence Development Studio, a project is a container that groups related files. For example, the files that are required to create a specific ETL solution, including the package, data source, and data source view definitions, are all part of a project.

You develop SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) packages in an Integration Services project.

Projects are stored in solutions. You can create a solution first and then add an Integration Services project to the solution. If no solution exists, Business Intelligence Development Studio automatically creates one for you when you first create the project. A solution can contain multiple projects of different types.

The Integration Services project manages the object definitions of data sources, data source views, and packages. The files for data sources, data source views, and packages are stored in separate folders within an Integration Services project.

The following diagram shows the folders in an Integration Services project.

Integration Services project and folders

To work with the Integration Services project, you must install the Business Intelligence Development Studio environment. For more information, see Installing SQL Server Integration Services and Installing SQL Server 2005.

Folders in Integration Services Projects

The following table describes the folders that appear in an Integration Services project.

Folder Description

Data Sources

Contains project-level data sources that can be referenced by multiple packages. For more information, see Data Source (SSIS)

Data Source Views

Contains data source views, which are built on data sources and can be referenced by sources, transformations, and destinations. For more information, see Data Source View (SSIS).

SSIS Packages

Contains packages. For more information, see Integration Services Packages and Designing and Creating Integration Services Packages.


Contains files other than source, data source view, or package files.

Files in Integration Services Projects

When you add a new or an existing Integration Services project to a solution, Business Intelligence Development Studio creates project files that have the extensions .dtproj and .dtproj.user and .database.

  • The *.dtproj file contains information about project configurations and items such as data sources and packages.
  • The *.dtproj.user file contains information about your preferences for working with the project.
  • The *.database file contains information that Business Intelligence Development Studio requires to open the Integration Services project.

Working with Integration Services Projects

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