How to: Set Precedence Constraint Properties in the Properties Window

This procedure describes how to set the properties of precedence constraints by using the Properties window.

The Properties window lists properties for configuring precedence constraints that are not available in the Precedence Constraint Editor dialog box. In the Properties window, you can provide a description and name of the precedence constraint and configure the annotation to display for the precedence constraint on the design surface.

To modify precedence constraint properties

  1. In Business Intelligence Development Studio, open the Integration Services project that contains the package you want to modify.

  2. In Solution Explorer, double-click the package to open it.

  3. Click the Control Flow tab. On the design surface of the Control Flow tab, right-click the precedence constraint, and then click Properties. In the Properties window, modify the property values.

  4. In the Properties window, set the following read/write properties of precedence constraints:

    Read/write property Configuration action


    Provide a description.


    Select an evaluation operation. If the Expression, ExpressionAndConstant, or ExpressionOrConstant operation is selected, you can specify an expression.


    If the evaluation operation includes and expression, provide an expression. The expression must evaluate to a Boolean. For more information about the expression language, see Integration Services Expression Reference.


    Set LogicalAnd to specify whether the precedence constraint is evaluated in concert with other precedence constraints, when multiple executables precede and are linked to the constrained executable


    Update the name of the precedence constraint.


    Specify the type of annotation to use. Choose Never to disable annotations, AsNeeded to enable annotation on demand, ConstraintName to automatically annotate using the value of the Name property, ConstraintDescription to automatically annotate using the value of the Description property, and ConstraintOptions to automatically annotate using the values of the Value and Expression properties.


    If the evaluation operation specified in the EvalOP property includes a constraint, select the execution result of the constraining executable.

  5. Close the Properties window.

  6. To save the updated package, click Save Selected Items on the File menu.

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