Adding Advanced Features to Packages

SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) includes many features that you can use to extend the functionality of Integration Services packages. After you have finished building a basic package, you may want to add other features that make the package more robust, flexible, and easier to troubleshoot.

You can add the following features to packages:

  • Logging that captures information about a package at run time, making it easier to troubleshoot package performance and failure.
  • Transactions that ensure data integrity by supporting commit and rollback when packages perform multiple operations.
  • Checkpoints that make it possible to restart a package from a point of failure, instead of rerunning the workflow for the complete package.
  • Variables that pass values to scripts, provide parameter values for SQL statements, or modify the evaluation results of expressions.
  • Expressions and property expressions that update values in columns and properties of packages and package objects.
  • Queries that data flow components, such as the Lookup transformation, use to create in-memory reference tables.

The following table lists topics related to advanced package features.

Topic Description

Implementing Logging in Packages

Describes what log providers are, how to add logs to a package, and how to configure logging options.

Incorporating Transactions in Packages

Describes how to use transactions in a package to ensure data integrity and manage rollback.

Using Checkpoints in Packages

Describes checkpoints, and how to implement checkpoints in a package to make it restartable.

Using Variables in Packages

Describes the different ways you can use variables in a package.

Using Expressions in Packages

Describes the different ways you can use expressions in a package.

Using Property Expressions in Packages

Describes property expressions, and how to use them to update the values of properties in a package.

Using Queries in Packages

Describes the Query Builder and the different ways you can provide query statements.

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