Installing Packages

When you have built a deployment utility to install packages from an Integration Services project on a different computer than the one on which the deployment utility was built, you must first copy the deployment folder to the destination computer.

The path of the deployment folder is specified in the DeploymentOutputPath property of the Integration Services project for which you created the deployment utility. The default path is bin\Deployment, relative to the Integration Services project. For more information, see Creating a Deployment Utility.

You use the Package Installation Wizard to install the packages. To launch the wizard, double-click the deployment utility file after you have copied the deployment folder to the server. This file is named <project name>.SSISDeploymentManifest, and can be found in the deployment folder on the destination computer.

The Package Installation Wizard guides you through the steps to install packages to the file system or to SQL Server. You can configure the installation in the following ways:

  • Choosing the location type and location to install the packages.
  • Choosing location to install package dependencies.
  • Validating the packages after they are installed on the target server.

The file-based dependencies for packages are always installed to the file system. If you install a package to the file system, the dependencies are installed in the same folder as the one that you specify for the package. If you install a package to SQL Server, you can specify the folder in which to store the file-based dependencies.

If the package includes configurations that you want to modify for use on the destination computer, you can update the values of the properties by using the wizard.

In addition to installing packages by using the Package Installation Wizard, you can copy and move packages by using the dtutil command prompt utility. For more information, see dtutil Utility.


To become better acquainted with the concepts explained in this section, see Deploying Packages Tutorial.

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