Running Packages

Packages can be run in Business Intelligence Development Studio, from the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard, by using the SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) package execution utilities, DTExec and DTExecUI, or as a step in a SQL Server Agent job.

Packages are most frequently run in Business Intelligence Development Studio during the development, debugging, and testing of packages. If you run a package from SSIS Designer, the package always runs immediately. When a solution has multiple projects, make sure you set the project that contains the package that you want to run as the startup project before you run the package.

While a package is running, SSIS Designer displays the progress of package execution on the Progress tab. You can view the start and finish time of the package and its tasks and containers, in addition to information about any tasks or containers in the package that failed. After the package finishes running, the run-time information remains available on the Execution Results tab. For more information, see Debugging Control Flow.

Integration Services packages can be enabled for logging and you can capture run-time information in log files. For more information, see Integration Services Log Providers and Implementing Logging in Packages.

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