Administering Integration Services

You can administer SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) and manage, run and schedule Integration Services packages in SQL Server Management Studio.

This section includes information about the Integration Services service that you use to manage packages and its management features, the use of SQL Server Agent jobs to run packages, and the performance counters that provide information about the data flow engine at run time.

The following table lists the topics in this section.

Topic Description

Integration Services Service

Describes the Integration Services service, and describes how to configure and enable access to the service.

Managing Integration Services Packages

Describes the features in the Integration Services service for managing packages.

Scheduling Package Execution in SQL Server Agent

Describes how to create a SQL Server Agent job with a job step for running packages.

Backing Up and Restoring Packages

Describes how to back up and restore packages and configurations that are saved in the msdb database, and secure the packages and configurations that are saved in the file system.

Monitoring Integration Services Performance and Activity

Describes the performance counters and logging that Integration Services provides for monitoring performance, and describes the logging features you can implement in packages.

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