Cluster Group Selection

Use the Cluster Group Selection page of the Microsoft SQL Server Installation Wizard to select the cluster group. The selected cluster group is where the SQL Server virtual server resources are placed.


  • Available Cluster Groups
    Select the cluster group where the SQL Server virtual server resources are placed. Only one virtual server can be installed per cluster group.

    If you select the group containing the cluster quorum resource, a warning appears. It is recommended that you do not install to the cluster quorum resource.

  • Unavailable Cluster Groups
    Lists any unavailable cluster groups, and the reason each group is unavailable. For example, a cluster group will be listed as unavailable if it already contains a virtual server.
  • Data files
    Shows the default location for Database Engine data files and Analysis Services data files.

    If you have multiple, shared drives in your cluster group, use the drop-down list to select the drive for shared data files.

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