Upgrade Logon Information

Use the Upgrade Logon Information page of the Microsoft SQL Server Installation Wizard to provide logon credentials for the SQL Server instance to be upgraded.

During the upgrade process, SQL Server 2005 Setup must access the instance to be upgraded. Credentials provided on this page allow Setup to login to the previous SQL Server instance.

  • Windows Authentication
    Windows Authentication mode allows a user to connect through a Microsoft Windows user account. Microsoft recommends use of Windows Authentication.
  • SQL Server Authentication
    When a user connects with a specified login name and password from a non-trusted connection, SQL Server performs the authentication itself by checking to see if a SQL Server login account has been set up and if the specified password matches the one previously recorded. If SQL Server does not have a login account set, authentication fails, and the user receives an error message.

    ms143548.security(en-US,SQL.90).gifSecurity Note:
    When possible, use Windows Authentication.
  • User name
    Enter the user name to connect with. This option is only available if you have selected to connect using Windows Authentication.
  • Password
    Enter the password for the login. This option is only editable if you have selected to connect using SQL Server Authentication.

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