Migrating Passwords

SQL Server 2005 only uses passwords on packages in connection with certain package protection level options. Therefore, password-protected packages that are fully migrated from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 do not retain passwords, although you must provide the password during the migration process. For information about package protection levels in SQL Server 2005, see Setting the Protection Level of Packages.


Password-protected packages cannot be migrated unless you provide their passwords.

If the DTS run-time engine for SQL Server 2000 is installed, you can continue to run SQL Server 2000 packages. You can also include these packages in SQL Server 2005 data transformation solutions. SQL Server 2005 continues to support package passwords in this scenario. For example, the Execute DTS 2000 Package task includes a password property for passing a password to a SQL Server 2000 package.

Adding Security Features to Packages

After a package is migrated, you can add the following security features:

For more information about securing the Integration Services service and Integration Services packages, see Security Considerations for Integration Services.

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