Leaves (MDX)

Returns a set composed of all attributes (optionally limited to those belonging to a specific dimension). For each attribute x in the return set, if x is the granularity attribute or is directly or indirectly related to the granularity attribute, the granularity is set on attribute x without affecting the slice. The Leaves function is designed for use inside a SCOPE statement or at the left side of an assignment.


Leaves( [ Dimension_expression ] )


  • Dimension_Expression
    A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a dimension.


Leaf members are tuples that are formed by the cross join of the lowest level of all attribute hierarchies. Calculated members are excluded.

  • If a dimension name is specified, the Leaves function returns a set that contains the leaf members of the key attribute for the specified dimension.
  • If a dimension name is not specified, the function returns a set that contains the leaf members of the entire cube.


If the dimension expression resolves to a hierarchy, and the hierarchy unique name is the same as the dimension unique name (cube dimension property HierarchyUniqueNameStyle=ExcludeDimensionName, and the hierarchy name=dimension name), then the dimension is used.


An error is generated if not all attributes have same granularity on measure groups in current scope.

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