CALL Statement (MDX)

Runs a stored procedure that returns a void either in the current scope or optionally on a specified cube.


      [ (SP_Argument 
            [, SP_Argument ,...n]
      ) ] 
[ON Cube_Expression]


  • SP_Name
    A valid string expression that provides the name of a stored procedure.
  • SP_Argument
    A valid string expression that provides an argument to the called stored procedure.
  • Cube_Expression
    A valid string cube expression providing the name of the cube.


The CALL statement runs a specified registered stored procedure, optionally including one or more arguments for the specified stored procedure. The CALL statement is for use only with stored procedures that return voids. This statement cannot be combined with other functions or operators within an MDX expression. Registered stored procedures that return values can be called directly within MDX expressions and combined with other MDX functions and operators.

If a cube is not specified, the statement runs the stored procedure on the current cube.


If the stored procedure is not registered on the client, the CALL statement attempts to call the stored procedure from an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS).

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