Lead (MDX)

Returns the member that is a specified number of positions following a specified member along the member's level.


Member_Expression.Lead( Index )


  • Member_Expression
    A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a member.
  • Index
    A valid numeric expression that specifies a number of member positions.


Member positions within a level are determined by the attribute hierarchy's natural order. The numbering of the positions is zero-based.

If the specified lead is zero (0), the Lead function returns the specified member.

If the specified lead is negative, the Lead function returns a prior member.

Lead(1) is equivalent to the NextMember function. Lead(-1) is equivalent to the PrevMember function.

The Lead function is similar to the Lag function, except that the Lag function looks in the opposite direction to the Lead function. That is, Lead(n) is equivalent to Lag(-n).


The following example returns the value for December 2001:

SELECT [Date].[Fiscal].[Month].[February 2002].Lead(-2) ON 0
FROM [Adventure Works]

The following example returns the value for March 2002:

SELECT [Date].[Fiscal].[Month].[February 2002].Lead(1) ON 0
FROM [Adventure Works]

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