How to: Switch Between Update Modes for an Updatable Transactional Subscription (SQL Server Management Studio)

Specify the mode for updatable subscriptions using the New Subscription Wizard. For information about setting the mode when using this wizard, see How to: Create an Updatable Subscription to a Transactional Publication (SQL Server Management Studio).

The update mode is changed from the Subscriber. Change the update mode for push subscriptions from the Local Subscriptions folder in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Change the update mode for pull subscriptions from the Subscription Properties - <Publisher>: <PublicationDatabase> dialog box. For more information about accessing this dialog box, see How to: View and Modify Pull Subscription Properties (SQL Server Management Studio).


To change the update mode after the subscription is created, the update_mode property must be set to failover (which allows a switch from immediate updating to queued updating) or queued failover (which allows a switch from queued updating to immediate updating) when the subscription is created. These properties are set automatically in the New Subscription Wizard.

To set the updating mode for a push subscription

  1. Connect to the Subscriber in SQL Server Management Studio, and then expand the server node.

  2. Expand the Replication folder, and then expand the Local Subscriptions folder.

  3. Right-click the subscription for which you want to set the update mode, and then click Set Update Method.

  4. In the Set Update Method - <Subscriber>: <SubscriptionDatabase> dialog box, select Immediate updating or Queued updating.

  5. Click OK.

To set the updating mode for a pull subscription

  1. In the Subscription Properties - <Publisher>: <PublicationDatabase> dialog box, select a value of Immediately replicate changes or Queue changes for the Subscriber update method option.

  2. Click OK.

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