Report Server System Properties

The following system property names are reserved. You cannot create user-defined properties of the same name. You can read or modify many of these properties using the Web service methods.


Property Description


The name of the report server site displayed on the user interface. The default value is Microsoft Report Server. This property can be an empty string. The maximum length is 8,000 characters.


The maximum number of snapshots that are stored for a report. Valid values are 1 through 2,147,483,647. If the value is 1, there is no snapshot limit.


The default report processing timeout value, in minutes, for all reports managed in the report server namespace. This value can be overridden at the report level. If this property is set, the report server attempts to stop the processing of a report when the specified time has expired. Valid values are 1 through 2,147,483,647. If the value is -1, reports in the namespace do not time out during processing. The default value is 5.


Indicates whether the report server should use session cookies when communicating with client browsers. The default value is true.


The length of time, in seconds, that a session remains active. The default value is 600.


Indicates whether the My Reports feature is enabled. A value of true indicates that the feature is enabled.


The name of the role used when creating security policies on user's My Reports folders. The default value is My Reports Role.


Indicates whether report execution logging is enabled. The default value is true.


The number of days to keep report execution information in the execution log. Valid values for this property include 0 through 2,147,483,647. If the value is 0 entries are not deleted from the Execution Log table. The default value is 60.


Defines how snapshots are compressed. The default value is SQL. The valid values are as follows:

SQL = Snapshots are compressed when stored in the report server database. This is the current behavior.

None = Snapshots are not compressed.

All = Snapshots are compressed for all storage options, which include the report server database or the file system.


Determines whether the RSClientPrint ActiveX control is available for download from the report server. The valid values are true and false. The default value is true. For more information about additional settings that are required for this control, see Configuring Client-Side Printing for Reporting Services.


Determines whether integrated security is supported for report data source connections. The default is True. The valid values are as follows:

True = Integrated security is enabled.

False = Integrated security is not enabled. Report data sources that are configured to use integrated security will not run.

For more information about why you would set this property, see Integrated Security and Elevated Permissions.


Includes external error information (for example, error information about report data sources) with the error messages that are returned for users who request reports from remote computers. Valid values are true and false. The default value is false. For more information, see How to: Enable Remote Errors (Reporting Services Configuration).

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