CSV Device Information Settings

The device information settings for the CSV rendering extension allow delimiters and qualifiers to be changed and line break handling to be specified. The extension of the file can also be submitted, as well as the encoding and inclusion of header rows in the output. Because delimiters are likely to be special characters, you should encode them in a CDATA section, if the settings are written as XML.

The following table lists the device information settings for rendering in Text format.

Setting Value


One of the character encoding schemas: ASCII, UTF-7, UTF-8, or Unicode. The default value is Unicode.


The file extension to put on the result. The default value is .CSV.


The delimiter string to put in the result. The default value is a comma (,). You should URL encode the value of this device information when passing it on a URL. For example, a tab character as a delimiter should be "%09".


Indicates whether the header row is excluded from the output. The default value is false.


The qualifier string to put around results that contain the field delimiter or record delimiter. If the results contain the qualifier, the qualifier is repeated. The Qualifier setting must be different from the FieldDelimiter and RecordDelimiter settings. The default value is a quotation mark (").


The record delimiter to put at the end of each record. The default value is <cr><lf>.


Indicates whether line breaks are removed from the data included in the output. The default value is false. If the value is true, the FieldDelimiter, RecordDelimiter, and Qualifier settings cannot be a space character.

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