How to: Add, Modify or Delete a Role [Model Designer]

You can add a role to an entity. A role is a relationship between two entities and its associated behavior.

To add a role

  1. In the Tree view, click the entity to which you want to add a role.

  2. On the Reporting Model menu, click New Role.

  3. In the New Role dialog box, select the entity that you want this entity to have a relationship with and click OK.


    When creating a role, you cannot establish a relationship between an entity and a folder.

  4. In the Detail view, select the role that you just created.

  5. In the Properties area, click in the Binding box and enter the relationship to which this entity is bound.

  6. In the Properties area, assign properties to the role.

To modify a role

  1. In the list view, select the role that you want to modify.

  2. In the Properties area, change the properties of the role.

To delete a role

  • In the list view, right-click the role and then click Delete.

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