Choosing Report Presentation Formats in a Subscription

When you create a subscription, you can choose which rendering format to use with the delivered report.

If you are using file share or e-mail delivery, choose a format that delivers the report in a single file, where all images and related content are included in the report. Suitable formats include Web archive, PDF, TIFF, and Excel.

Avoid the formats HTML3.2 and HTML4.0. If your report includes images, the HTML3.0 and 4.0 formats will not include them in the file. Note that when you use Report Manager to create a standard subscription, HTML formats are excluded automatically.

How to Specify a Format

If you are specifying the delivery through Report Manager, you can choose the format from a drop-down list. If you are specifying a delivery programmatically or through a query (as supported by data-driven subscriptions), use the text strings as defined in the rsreportserver.config file. The rendering extension names in the configuration file vary slightly from the rendering formats displayed in Report Manager. For example, TIFF in Report Manager is equivalent to IMAGE in the configuration file.

For more information about formats, see Exporting Reports.

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