Reporting Services Concepts

The following list briefly defines key terms used in the Reporting Services documentation. For more detailed information, see the term-specific topics provided.

  • Report definition
    The blueprint for a report before the report is processed or rendered. A report definition contains information about the query and layout for the report. For more information, see Reports and Report Definitions.
  • Report snapshot
    A report that contains data captured at a specific point in time. A report snapshot is actually a report definition that contains a dataset instead of query instructions. For more information, see Report Snapshots.
  • Rendered report
    A fully processed report that contains both data and layout information, in a format suitable for viewing (such as HTML). For more information, see Reports and Report Definitions.
  • Parameterized report
    A published report that accepts input values through parameters. For more information, see Parameterized Reports.
  • Report model
    A semantic description of business data, used for ac hoc reports created in Report Builder. For more information, see Report Models.
  • Linked report
    A report that derives its definition through a link to another report. For more information, see Linked Reports.
  • Report server administrator
    This term is used in the documentation to describe a user with elevated privileges who can access all settings and content of a report server. If you are using the default roles, a report server administrator is typically a user who is assigned to both the Content Manager role and the System Administrator role. Local administrators can have elevated permission even if role assignments are not defined for them. For more information, see Minimum Security and Access Permissions for Local Administrators.
  • Folder hierarchy
    A bounded namespace that uniquely identifies all reports, folders, report models, shared data source items, and resources that are stored in and managed by a report server. For more information, see Report Server Folder Hierarchy.

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