How to: Configure General Report Properties (Report Manager)

To configure general report properties

  1. Start Report Manager.

  2. In Report Manager, navigate to the Contents page. Navigate to the report that you want to configure general properties for and open it.

  3. Click the Properties tab.

    Or, if the Contents page is in Details view, click the property page icon:

    Property page icon

  4. The General properties page is displayed, and you can configure properties as follows:

    • In the Properties section, you can modify the report name and description.

    • You can select the Hide in list view checkbox to hide the item when the page is opened in the default page layout (list view) which arranges items across and down the page.

    • In the Report Definition section, click Edit to extract a copy of the report definition. Modifications that you make locally to the report definition are not saved on the report server.
      Or, to update the report definition from an .rdl file, click Update.


      If you update a report definition, you must reset the data source settings after the update is completed.

    • Use the Delete or Move buttons to delete or move the report.

    • You can also create a linked report.

  5. When you have finished configuring general properties for the report, click Apply.

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