Predefined Roles Overview

Reporting Services includes a small set of predefined roles that you can use in role assignments. Each role is defined by the tasks that it supports. You can modify these roles or replace them with custom roles.

Role Description

The following table describes the predefined roles.

Predefined role Description

Browser Role

Run reports and navigate through the folder structure.

Content Manager Role

Define a folder structure for storing reports and other items, set security at the item level, and view and manage the items stored by the server.

Report Builder Role

Build and edit reports in Report Builder.

Publisher Role

Publish content to a report server.

My Reports Role

Build reports for personal use or store reports in a user-owned folder.

System Administrator Role

Enable features and set defaults, set site-wide security, create role definitions, and manage jobs.

System User Role

View basic information about the report server such as the schedule information in a shared schedule.

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