Managing My Reports

The My Reports folder is a personal workspace for each user who logs in to a report server with a valid domain account. This special-purpose folder provides storage for work-in-progress reports, reports that are not intended for wide distribution, or reports that have been modified to fit a need. You cannot restrict the number or size of items that are stored in a My Reports folder, or configure a My Reports folder to be shared among users.

Technically, My Reports maps the name of a virtual folder that each user sees (My Reports) to a master Users Folders folder and unique subfolder based on user name. When a user accesses his or her My Reports folder, the user is actually redirected to his or her subfolder under Users Folders. Each subfolder provides storage for the reports and items a user adds to his or her My Reports folder.

The My Reports feature is optional. When you install a report server, My Reports is disabled by default. For more information about enabling this feature, see Enabling and Disabling My Reports. For more information about using or securing My Reports, see Using My Reports and Securing My Reports.

How User Folders Are Created

The Users Folders folder is created when the report server is installed. Subsequent user-based subfolders are created when a user opens My Reports for the first time (for example, by clicking My Reports in Report Manager). Each folder name is in the following format:

/Users Folders/<username>/My Reports

Only users with valid system accounts are allocated folders. If a user name contains special characters, it is created with escape character equivalents. Escape character equivalents are listed in the following table.

Character Escape value Example


[ ]

Firstname Lastname becomes Firstname[ ]Lastname

\ (backslash)

Replaced with a single space character

DomainName\Username becomes DomainName Username

@ (at symbol)

[at] becomes username[at]

& (ampersand)


username@company& becomes username[at]company[amp]

$ (dollar sign)


User $Name becomes User[ ][dollar]Name

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