Setting System-Level Security

In Reporting Services, you set security at the system level by creating role assignments that give selected users the capability to perform tasks that affect the report server site as a whole. These tasks include creating shared schedules, managing jobs, processing reports in Report Builder, and setting properties. System-level security does not convey access to items in the report server folder hierarchy. For more information, see Securable Items.

Tools and Steps

To change system-level security, you must be assigned to a role that includes the "Manage the security settings of the report server" task, and you must have access by way of a system-level role assignment that includes that role.

You can use SQL Server Management Studio or Report Manager to set system-level security. In Report Manager, use the Site Settings page to define system role definitions and set system role assignments. In Management Studio, role definitions for both the system and folder hierarchy are created and modified through the Security node of a report server.

To create system-level role assignments, right-click the report server name and select Properties. Open the Permissions page to create and view the system role assignments for the report server.

To view instructions about system role assignments, see:

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