Setting Properties on a Published Report

You can set properties on a report when you create it, and after the report is published. Properties that are set on a published report are managed by the report server. They are distinct from those you define while authoring the report. Once you set a managed property, the value is stored as report metadata in the report server database. If you subsequently modify report properties in Report Designer and republish the report, the changes that are included in the republished report will override the report metadata stored in the server database.

Working with Managed Properties

After a report is published, you can set properties that change the report name and description, parameter defaults and how parameter values are obtained, how users access the report, how the report server connects to external data sources, and whether the report runs on demand or on a schedule.

To set report properties, use Report Manager or Management Studio. Only users who have appropriate permissions can set properties. If you are using default security, local administrators can set properties. If you are using custom role assignments, your role assignment must include the task "Manage reports".

The following table describes the various pages in Report Manager that you use to set report properties.

Use this page To

General Properties Page (Reports)

View or modify general properties of the current report, edit or replace the underlying report definition, create a linked report, and delete or move the report.

Parameters Properties Page

View or modify values of parameterized, published reports.

Data Sources Properties Page

View or modify properties of data sources that provide content for the current report.

Execution Properties Page

View or modify run-time execution properties of the current report.

Security Properties Page (Items)

View or modify security settings for a report.

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