Report Server Folder Hierarchy

The report server folder namespace is a hierarchy that contains predefined and user-defined folders. The namespace uniquely identifies reports and other items that are stored in a report server. It provides an addressing scheme for specifying reports in a URL.

Conceptually, this folder hierarchy is similar to the folder hierarchy in the Windows file system. In Reporting Services, however, the folders you work with are virtual folders that are accessed over a Web connection. Neither the folders nor their contents actually exist in a file system. Instead, they exist on a report server, and they appear as folders and items when you access the report server through a browser or a Web-enabled application. When you select or locate a report, the path becomes part of the URL for that report.

Predefined folders are reserved by Reporting Services; they cannot be moved, renamed, or deleted. The following table describes predefined folders that anchor the folder hierarchy and provide a framework for several features.

Folder Purpose


The root node of the folder hierarchy.


This folder appears when you enable the My Reports feature. It contains subfolders for all users who use the My Reports feature, and it is accessible only to report server administrators. Each subfolder name matches the user's name.

My Reports

Provides a personal workspace for each user.

User-defined folders include any folders created by a user or report server administrator with permission to add items to a folder. For more information about creating folders and folder naming conventions, see Creating, Modifying, and Deleting Folders.

Folders can contain a variety of items. Each type of item has an associated icon that distinguishes it from other items. For more information, see Icons in Report Manager.

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