How to: Register and Connect to a Report Server (Management Studio)

SQL Server Management Studio is designed to meet the SQL Server administrator's server management requirements. In Management Studio, administrative tasks are accomplished using Object Explorer, which allows you to connect to any server in the SQL Server family and graphically browse its contents. A server can be an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, or Integration Services, or SQL Server Compact Edition.

Management Studio tools include Object Explorer, Solution Explorer, Template Explorer, the Object Explorer Detail page, and the document window. To display a tool, on the View menu, click the tool name. To display the Query Editor tool, click the New Query button on the toolbar.

For more information, see Administering Servers with SQL Server Management Studio.

To register a report server

  1. In Management Studio, navigate to Registered Servers and click the Reporting Services icon.

  2. Right-click Reporting Services, point to New, and then click Server Registration. The New Server Registration dialog box is displayed.

  3. For Server name, type the name of the report server instance. Report server instance names are based on SQL Server instance names. By default, the instance name of a local report server instance is the computer name. If you installed the report server as a named instance, use this syntax to specify the server: <servername>[\<instancename>].

  4. For Authentication, select which authentication mode to use to access the Web server. You must choose the authentication mode that the report server is already using. If you are using default security, choose Windows Authentication. If you installed and deployed a custom security extension, choose Forms Authentication. If you specified Basic authentication on the report server virtual directories, choose Basic Authentication.

  5. Click Test to verify the connection.

  6. When prompted, click OK, and then click Save.

To connect to a report server

  1. To connect to a report server, choose from the following approaches:

    • Navigate to Registered Servers, right-click the report server, point to Connect, and then click Object Explorer.
    • Navigate to Object Explorer, click the Connect list, and then select Reporting Services. The Connect to Server dialog box is displayed. For Server name, ensure the report server name (for example, mywebserver/reportserver) is correct. Click Connect.
  2. The report server appears in Object Explorer. Right-click the server node to set permissions and server defaults. For more information, see Managing Permissions and Security for Reporting Services and Server Deployment Checklist.

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