Report Samples (Reporting Services)

Reporting Services includes a variety of sample reports that demonstrate a range of report styles. You can use the samples to learn about report design, data retrieval, and how to work with the report authoring tools. There are three sets of sample reports:

  • The Report Builder sample report demonstrates the ad hoc reporting functionality in Reporting Services. The report works with a sample report model that defines the underlying data from the AdventureWorks databases. For more information about the sample report model, see Report Model Samples.
  • The AdventureWorks sample reports are a set of predefined report definition files that use the AdventureWorks databases as data sources.
  • The Server Management sample reports include two sets of predefined report definition files for database administrators. Use the server management reports to view metadata for selected data sources. Use the execution log sample reports to view information from the report execution log. To learn more about the report execution log, see Report Server Execution Log.

The SQL Server samples are not installed automatically during setup. For instructions about how to install the samples, see Installing Samples.


Business Intelligence (BI) Development Studio is not supported on Itanium-based computers. However, support for BI Development Studio is available for x64-based computers. If the SQL Server 2005 sample databases have been deployed on an Itanium-based computer, use BI Development Studio on either an x86-based or x64-based computer to modify and run the samples.

In This Section

Report Description

Report Builder Report Samples

Describes a report sample that you can access directly from the report server and modify in Report Builder.

AdventureWorks Report Samples

Describes the set of reports that use the AdventureWorks sample databases to demonstrate features of Reporting Services. To publish and view the reports, use Business Intelligence Development Studio and Report Manager.

Note that Sales Reason Comparison sample report retrieves data from a sample cube database. The Analysis Services cube that provides data for this report is installed separately from the AdventureWorks sample database. For more information about deploying the cube, follow the instructions in AdventureWorks Report Samples.

Server Management Report Samples

Describes the set of reports that retrieve data from the report execution log.

Describes the set of reports that use SQL Server metadata to display information about SQL Server components.

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