Implementing Full-Text Search

Full-text search is available per instance of SQL Server and is represented in SMO by the FullTextService object. The FullTextService object resides under the Server object. It is used to manage the configuration options for Microsoft Full Text Search service. The FullTextCatalogCollection object belongs to the Database object and it is a collection of FullTextCatalog objects that represent full-text catalogs defined for the database. You can only have one full-text index defined for each table, unlike normal indexes. This is represented by a FullTextIndexColumn object in the Table object.

To create a full-text search service, you must have a full-text catalog defined on the database and a full-text search index defined on one of the tables in the database.

First, create a full-text catalog on the database by calling the FullTextCatalog constructor and specifying the catalog name. Then, create the full-text index by calling the constructor and specifying the table on which it is to be created. You can then add index columns for the full-text index, by using the FullTextIndexColumn object and providing the name of the column within the table. Then, set the CatalogName property to the catalog you have created. Finally, call the Create method and create the full-text index on the instance of SQL Server.

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