Notification Services Errors and Events

Microsoft SQL Server Notification Services provides compile-time and run-time error messages:

  • When you create an instance of Notification Services error messages are displayed in the user interface. These messages typically inform you of errors in an application definition, the instance configuration, or supporting files. They also can inform you if a specified operation, such as deleting an instance, is not possible.
  • When an instance of Notification Services is running, events are written to the Microsoft Windows Application log. You can view these events with Windows Event Viewer. The events written to the Application log provide the most help for troubleshooting an instance of Notification Services. For example, if notifications are not being delivered, events in the Application log can help you determine why.
    Even if your notification applications are running as expected, you should check the Application log periodically. Checking the log on a regular schedule can help avoid significant system problems.

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Viewing Notification Services Events

Provides instructions for view Notification Services events in the Windows Event Viewer.

Notification Services Event Format

Describes the structure of event messages.

Cause and Resolution of Notification Services Events

Lists the types of Notification Services event messages and their event ID ranges.

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