Administering Service Broker

This section discusses the tasks involved in administering a database that hosts a Service Broker application. Most administrative tasks are part of the normal administration for the database. This section discusses installing and managing applications, establishing Service Broker identities, monitoring and troubleshooting the queues, and performance and security issues.

In This Section

Topic Description

Managing Service Broker Applications

Contains descriptions of the tasks required to install, maintain, and uninstall Service Broker applications.

Managing Service Broker Identities

Contains descriptions of how Service Broker identities protects against message misdirection.

Managing Queues and Messages

Contains descriptions of how an administrator works with queues and messages.

Managing Performance (Service Broker)

Contains descriptions of performance considerations for a Service Broker application.

Managing Forwarding (Service Broker)

Contains descriptions of administrative considerations for management of a database that provides Service Broker message forwarding.

Managing Security (Service Broker)

Contains descriptions of administrative considerations for management of the security for a Service Broker application.

Monitoring Service Broker

Contains descriptions of the dynamic management views, trace events, and performance objects used to monitor Database Engine activity related to Service Broker.

Managing Routing

Contains descriptions of the considerations for managing routing.

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