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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 introduces SQL Server 2005 Service Broker, a new technology for building database-intensive distributed applications that are reliable and scalable. You can use Service Broker to distribute a workload across several databases. Service Broker establishes conversations from one database to other databases and sends messages over the conversations. The messages consist of tasks that queue up and are executed one time, sequentially as they are received. Service Broker ensures that the messages are secure.

Service Broker Documentation

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Section Description

Introducing Service Broker

Introduces Service Broker, explains its principal features, and links to usage scenarios.

Service Broker Architecture

Explains the components of Service Broker and how they are used to create reliable, asynchronous messaging.

Service Broker Routing and Networking

Explains how separate databases use Service Broker to communicate over networks.

Security Considerations for Service Broker

Discusses how Service Broker uses transport and dialog security to control network connections and protect the content of conversations.

Administering Service Broker

Outlines the management tasks for administering Service Broker applications.

Service Broker How-to Topics

Provides procedures for carrying out common Service Broker tasks.

Introduction to Service Broker Programming

Provides information for application developers to begin creating Service Broker applications.

Troubleshooting Service Broker

Describes issues that can affect Service Broker and explains how to solve them.

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