Database Engine Documentation Map

The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database Engine is the core service for storing, processing, and securing data. The Database Engine provides controlled access and rapid transaction processing to meet the requirements of the most demanding data consuming applications within your enterprise. The Database Engine also provides rich support for sustaining high availability.

Database Engine Documentation

For more information about the Database Engine, see these sections of SQL Server Books Online.

Section Description

Building Database Projects

Describes using projects and solutions to manage Database Engine objects.

Designing and Creating Databases

Describes the concepts behind successfully designing and creating databases with the Database Engine.

Accessing and Changing Database Data

Explains the concepts behind providing access to and modifying data in a database.

Using XML in SQL Server

Explains how the Database Engine provides storage for and access to XML data in a database.

Using Native XML Web Services in SQL Server 2005

Explains how the Database Engine works with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to receive HTTP SOAP requests without the need for a middle-tier Internet Information Services (IIS) server.

Security Considerations for Databases and Database Applications

Includes information about securing data and log files.

International Considerations for Databases and Database Engine Applications

Explains how the Database Engine supports the storage and manipulation of multilingual data.

Administering the Database Engine

Describes the management and configuration processes necessary to successfully administer the Database Engine.

Troubleshooting the Database Engine

Provides assistance relative to troubleshooting the Database Engine.

Advanced Database Engine Details

Describes how files and databases are organized.

Database Engine How-to Topics

Provides specific, detailed steps to perform tasks on the Database Engine.

Database Engine .NET Framework Programming

Reviews the integration into SQL Server 2005 of the common language runtime (CLR) component of the .NET Framework for Windows. Includes sections on building and administering database objects with CLR integration.

Database Engine Administration Programming

Describes how to create database administration and management applications using the Database Engine administration application programming interfaces (APIs).

SQL Server Database Engine Samples

Includes sample applications, scripts, language statements, and numerous other samples that you can use to learn about working with the Database Engine.

Understanding Database Engine Errors

Describes attributes of Database Engine errors, such as severity, state, and line number.