Administering Notification Services

When you administer instances of Microsoft SQL Server Notification Services, you perform tasks that maintain and update notification applications in a production environment:

  • Managing and monitoring security to ensure that all systems, services, and people have adequate permissions; but that no unauthorized systems, services, or people have access to instance and application data.
  • Starting, stopping, enabling, and disabling instances and applications.
  • Backing up the instance and application databases and backing up instance and application definitions so that you can quickly restore instances and application after hardware or other system failures.
  • Maintaining high availability for notification applications.
  • Updating existing applications for new or changed features and updating instances to add or remove applications and delivery channels.
  • Moving instances of Notification Services to new servers.
  • Deleting instances of Notification Services.
  • Monitoring applications to ensure that events are arriving and notifications are being generated and delivered, as well as monitoring the volume of data to help plan for system growth.
  • Upgrading instances of Notification Services as service packs or new versions are released.

In This Section

Topic Description

Securing Notification Services

Contains information that describes the Notification Services security model and how to implement security.

Controlling Instance and Application Operation

Contains information about configuring Notification Services engines, starting and stopping instances of Notification Services, and enabling and disabling individual instances, applications, and components.

Backing Up and Recovering Notification Services

Contains information about backing up and restoring instances of Notification Services and exporting instance and application metadata.

Maintaining High Availability

Describes the options for maintaining high availability for instances of Notification Services.

Updating Instances and Applications

Contains information about updating instances and applications after deployment.

Moving Instances of Notification Services

Provides information about moving an instance of Notification Services to new servers.

Removing Obsolete Application Data

Describes how to automatically and manually remove older event and notification data from application database objects.

Deleting Instances of Notification Services

Describes how to delete instances of Notification Services.

Monitoring Notification Services Performance and Activity

Contains information about monitoring instance and application performance and documents the Notification Services performance counters and reports.

Topic Description

Installing SQL Server Notification Services

Contains information about installing Notification Services engine and client components.

Migrating Notification Services Instances

Contains information and instructions for upgrading from Notification Services 2.0 or from an earlier edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Troubleshooting Notification Services

Contains basic troubleshooting information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Notification Services How-to Topics

Contains instructions for performing deployment and administrative tasks for Notification Services.

nscontrol Utility

Contains reference topics for the nscontrol utility, which creates, deletes, and manages instances of Notification Services.

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