Defining Delivery Channels

When you configure an instance of Notification Services, you must define one or more delivery channels, which represent delivery endpoints for notifications.

Delivery Channels

A delivery channel represents a delivery endpoint, such as an e-mail server or Web server. Using the protocol specified by the delivery channel, Notification Services delivers notifications to the delivery endpoint. The delivery endpoint may forward the notification as appropriate.

Delivery channels are associated with individual notifications using subscriber devices. When a user creates a subscription, they select a device on which to receive the notifications. The selection of a device associates a delivery channel with each subscription, and ultimately with each notification.

Each instance has one or more delivery channels. Each delivery channel is associated with one delivery protocol, which Notification Services uses to send notifications and perform other communication with the delivery channel.

Defining Delivery Channels

When defining a delivery channel, you specify a delivery channel name, specify which delivery protocol is used to deliver notifications to the delivery channel, and any arguments required by the delivery protocol, such as server name, user name, and password.

If you are configuring an instance of Notification Services through XML, specify the database name in the instance configuration file (ICF). If you are configuring an instance of Notification Services programmatically, use Notification Services Management Objects (NMO) to specify the database name.

To define delivery channels
To define delivery channel arguments

Defining Delivery Channels for Built-in Delivery Protocols

The built-in delivery channels have specific requirements for the ProtocolName and Arguments elements. For more information, see the following topics:

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