Updating Instances and Applications

After you deploy an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Notification Services, you might need to update the operational parameters of the instance, such as delivery channels. You might also need to add applications to an instance, delete applications from an instance, or modify an individual application.

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Topic Description

Updating Instance Properties

Describes why you may need to update an instance configuration and how to apply the changes.

Updating an Application

Describes how to apply changes made to an application definition to update an application.

Adding an Application to an Instance

Describes how to add an application to a deployed instance of Notification Services.

Removing an Application from an Instance

Describes how to remove an application from a deployed instance of Notification Services.

Updating Registry Information

Describes why you might need to re-register an instance of Notification Services and how to do so.

Deleting Instances of Notification Services

Explains how to reload operation files like XSLT files used to format notifications.

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