Defining Notification Services Applications

To define a Notification Services application, you either create an XML application definition file (ADF) or you define the application programmatically using Notification Services Management Objects (NMO). In either case, to define an application, you provide the following information:

  • An optional definition of the application database.
  • Event class properties, such as event class names, schemas, chronicles, and indexes.
  • Subscription class properties, such as subscription class names, schemas, rules, chronicles, and indexes.
  • Notification class properties, such as notification class names, schemas, content formatters, protocols, and delivery options.
  • Event provider properties.
  • Generator properties.
  • Distributor properties.
  • Operational settings.
  • Application version and history.

In This Section

Topic Description

Defining the Application Database

Describes how to define the application database.

Defining Event Classes

Contains topics on how to define event classes, which describe the input to an application.

Defining Subscription Classes

Contains topics on how to define subscription classes, which describe the subscriptions users can create for an application and the rules used to generate notifications from those subscriptions.

Defining Notification Classes

Contains topics on how to define notification classes, which describe the notifications to be sent to subscribers.

Defining Event Providers

Contains topics on how to define event providers, which are components that supply events to applications.

Specifying Generator Settings

Describes how to define the generator location and thread pool.

Specifying Distributor Settings

Describes how to define distributor locations and operational settings.

Specifying Application Execution Settings

Contains topics on how to configure run-time settings for an application.

Specifying Application Version and History

Describes how to define the application version and history.

Using Parameters in an Application Definition File (ADF)

Describes how to specify values for ADF parameters.

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